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Even with proper care and attention, you may develop a cavity or experience tooth decay.

Fortunately, Henderson Dental in Carthage, MS, can restore the strength and functionality of a tooth.

If you notice cavities in your teeth, visit Drs. David C. Henderson and Laura Katherine Henderson Jones for long-lasting fillings.

Different Types of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings can be made from metals, plastics, or other materials and are used to repair or restore teeth. One of the most common uses of fillings is to occupy an area of the tooth your dentist has removed due to decay. Fillings are also used to repair cracked, broken, or worn-down teeth.

Types of dental fillings include:

Composite Resin Filling

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite fillings are made primarily from acrylic-based resin. This type is excellent for those who want a natural-looking finish. Composite fillings are also ideal for those sensitive to metal.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are made from a combination of metals, including liquid mercury and powdered alloy. Amalgam is typically less expensive than composite material.

Composite Fillings
A Look at the Treatment Benefits

Composite fillings are made of soft, pliable resin that can be hardened and polished to look just like enamel. Patients are opting for composite fillings more and more over amalgam fillings or gold fillings because they are:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Traditional fillings, made from metal amalgam, are silver in color. They can be very noticeable, particularly on the front teeth. The composite used for white fillings resembles natural dental tissue.

Relatively Conservative

Composite resin bonds more easily with a tooth than metal does, which allows our dentists to preserve more of the natural tooth structure, as we don't need to drill as deeply to hold the fillings in place.

Free of Metal

Amalgam expands and contracts when exposed to heat or cold, which can cause hairline cracks in a tooth over time. These cracks may eventually have to be addressed with inlays, onlays, or crowns.

Treat Decayed Teeth With Premier Dentistry in Carthage, MS

If you experience tooth pain and suspect you may have a cavity or a decayed tooth, turn to no other than Henderson Dental. Our Mississippi dentists can consult you on a treatment plan that alleviates your discomfort and restores the structure of your tooth.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, get in touch with us today.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a quarter of adults aged 20-64 have at least one cavity.

Does Getting a Filling Hurt?

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There’s a misconception that getting a dental filling is a painful process — which couldn’t be further from the truth! When you visit our practice for a filling, the treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic before your dentist begins treatment.

So, you can think of it this way: seeking treatment for a cavity or dental damage actually eliminates toothaches, sensitivity, and other painful symptoms!

What You Can Expect
From the Filling Procedure

Getting a dental filling is typically fast and simple.
Getting a dental filling is typically fast and simple.


Your dentist will examine your teeth and diagnose any cavities, taking scans or X-rays to assess the full extent of your tooth decay.

Decay Removal

Your dentist administers a local anesthetic to the treatment area before removing tooth decay and damaged tissue.


Your dentist fills your tooth with composite resin, amalgam, or other restorative material, which is then hardened and bonded to the structure of the tooth.


Your dentist will make sure the filling is shaped correctly for a natural bite and smooth surface. If not, necessary adjustments will be made.

How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?


The cost of fillings depends on the material used (composite resin, amalgam, etc.). Fortunately, dental fillings are covered by most insurance plans. For those without insurance or patients who want to further manage their out-of-pocket expenses, we can arrange flexible financing options so you can get the dental care you need.

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Do I Need a Dental Filling or a Crown?

A filling is typically the default for a patient that needs a tooth repaired. After all, it’s affordable and offers long-term results. However, if a filling won’t take care of the damage, your dentist may suggest alternative solutions — like a dental crown.

Some of the reasons a crown may make more sense for your damaged tooth include:

  • The damage to your tooth is too severe
  • The amount of decay present requires the removal of a substantial portion of your tooth
  • You need root canal treatment to address an infection deep within a tooth

Every patient is unique; their recommended restorative treatment will be, too! Consult our experienced Mississippi dentists to find out more about what solution is right for you and your dental health.

Team at David C. Henderson, D.M.D.

David C. Henderson, D.M.D. General Dentistry PA

Dr. David C. Henderson and Dr. Laura Katherine Henderson Jones have the advanced training and tools needed to provide state-of-the-art dental care to patients in Jackson, Philadelphia, Carthage, and nearby communities. They are members of trusted dental organizations, including: 

  • American Dental Association
  • Mississippi Dental Association
  • American Orthodontic Society

To schedule a consultation at our family-friendly dental office, request your appointment online or call us at (601) 267-5624.

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